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IDA'S Spring Showcase

At IDA, we pride ourselves in working
hard to mentor students in areas of confidence, teamwork and ultimately
sharing our hard work through performance.

Our Spring Showcase
brings all of those components
together and allows IDA's
dancers to perform in front
of an audience with their team.

The students are proud to share routines that have been created and perfected during the year.

Spring Showcase will be held
on Saturday May 13, 2023 at the Cathedral in New Castle, Pa.

Picture Week  2023

Tuesday April 11th

4:00-4:30 Company Mini 3-4 (T Morning 12:00 class)

4:30-5:15 Company Mini 3-5 (Evening 4:30 class)

5:30-5:45 Company Teen Ballet

6:15-6:30 Company Teen Jazz

7:00-7:15 Company Teen Hip Hop

7:45-8:00 Company Teen Lyrical

8:30-8:45 Company Teen Tap

Wednesday April 12th

4:00-4:30 Company Mini 3-5 (Wednesday Morning 9:45 Class)

4:30-5:00 Company Mini 3-5 (Wednesday Morning 10:30 Class)

5:45-6:00 Company Senior Lyrical

6:30-6:45 Company Senior Jazz

7:15-7:30 Company Senior Hip Hop

8:00-8:15 Company Senior Ballet

8:45-9:00 Company Senior Tap

Thursday April 13th

4:45-5:15 Hearts and Hugs

5:45-6:15 Squirrelin’ Around

Friday April 14th

4:00-4:20 Company Mini 5-6 (Friday 4:15 class)

4:20-4:40 Company Junior 2-4 Lyrical

4:40-5:10 Company Mini 3-4 (Friday 4:45 Class)

5:10-5:30 Company Petite K Ballet

5:30-5:50 Company Petite 1 Ballet

5:50-6:10 Company Junior 2-4 Tap

6:10-6:30 Company Petite K Jazz

6:30-6:50 Company Petite 1 Jazz

6:50-7:20 Company Junior 2-4 Hip Hop

7:20-7:40 Company Petite 1 Hip Hop

7:40-7:50 Company 2-4 Ballet

7:50-8:15 Company 2-4 Jazz

Welcome to Intensity Dance Academy

​At Intensity Dance Academy, our mission is to give each student the opportunity to reach their full potential and to enhance their lives as they practice and learn the art of dance. We welcome all ages and levels of dancers, and strive to provide the most positive and memorable experience for all of our students.

We offer two levels of Intensity to meet the needs of all our dancers. Intensity I is our non-competitive level and Intensity II is our competitive level.

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